Arman & Evelyn October 23, 2009

I had the pleasure of shooting Arman and Evelyn’s wedding on Friday, October 23, 2009.  It was a beautiful wedding filled with lots of energy and excitement.   We did get a chance to do some night shots in Downtown since the ceremony was at 3:00 pm and it gave us alot of time to get creative. Enjoy.

0102040607080913101112141516171819Thank you guys for trusting me with your special day.  May God bless you guys with love, happiness, and many many kids.

5 Responses to “Arman & Evelyn October 23, 2009”

  1. Arman & Evelyn Says:

    Hello Jay,

    Thank you for everything. You did a great job with us and these pictures are amazing. We can’t wait to see what you have done for us with the rest of the pictures. We knew you would be the one for us as soon as we saw your work. Once again thank you for making our special day even more special.

    Thank you,
    Arm & Ev

  2. Thanks, you guys were great!

  3. Jay….

    You were awesome and the pictures are just amazing!!!

  4. Thanks Talin, you guys wre great to.

  5. your work is so beautiful. seriously. love it.

    a magical evening all around.

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