Alex & Evelyn’s Christening

We shot the Christening of Alex and Evelyn on Saturday, at Colorado Anoush restaurant.  These kids were awesome, they were so easy to work with, and I had not done a Christening for a while (to busy with weddings :) )   so it was different.  We went to the park for about 2 hours wich gave us alot of time to shoot. The kids had alot of fun and so did we.   Enjoy!0102030405

Thanks guys for giving me the opportunity to capture your special event.  God bless Alex and Evelyn with long healty lives.

4 Responses to “Alex & Evelyn’s Christening”

  1. Dear Jay Jay,

    It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for being so kind to my kids and taking such beautiful pictures. I look forward working with you again.

    Best regards,


  2. Pleasure is all mine. Thank you.

  3. These are insane! your def have the most beautiful brides and capture it with artly essence.

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