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Jay Jay In Europe

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April 4, 2009 the wedding of Romel & Marlin.  It was an experience of a lifetime for me and my beautiful wife, since it was our first out of country wedding.  We had done out-of-state and all, but europe was our first.  The wedding was in Denmark, on Saturday, then we flew to Paris on Sunday with the bride and groom to have an all day photo shoot in every location you can think of.  Anywhere you stopped to take a photo, it was beautiful, the buildings, the people, the lighting,  just amazing. 

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I hate flying, so every time I look at this picture, my heart starts beating fastAbove is an old 15th century castle, which was family owned, which the family no longer exists.  If you don’t belive in ghosts, after you visit this place, you will…..   ;)This is a huge LV store, with its own museum on the topMy dream car, one of these days… :) So this was a short summary of our trip.  Hope you enjoyed.

A Black & White Collection

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I love doing black and white photography, it really gives you that moody look.   I love producing dramatic and exotic images, and I think black and white does just that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing colors, but black and white has that special feeling.  So here is a collection that I want to start to just post black and white images, just on this post, the others will stay the same. Im also building my studio from scratch now, which will give me the opportunity to shoot more studio shots, such as baby’s, family, modeling and etc.  The Main goal is to have that old Hollywood glamour look.  As soon as its done, I will post images that are shot in the studio.  Stay tuned.  

My son’s birthday, David Akopyan

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I will let the pictures tell the story. Just a Few from November 1, 2009 at the Great Caesar Banquet Hall, he turned 1, The staff was great, the food, as always, amazing!  Images by my famous assistant, Mayis AKA Mike, he did a great job capturing the event.  He will take over when I retire. LOL  Enjoy!

 A few drinks, and this is what happens, Pooh gets abused.  :)

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Fames website is up.  Check it out.   They do some amazing hair and makeup, and this is coming from a photographer, and Im very picky about hair and makeup when it comes to photos.  All the brides that we have done, I love the way they look, and it stands the test of time, specially after a few drinks and dancing. :)


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Hi guys,  Im so sorry for delaying the updates on the blog.  Im just so busy at this point with album designs and appointments, that as soon as I get home, I just fall in bed.   Im going to be updating new stuff next week for sure on Monday, so please check back.  You can also follow us on  or I update those daily from my personal life to photography life :)  Thanks again for the great support from everyone at the bridal show, it was a blast.  I think there was over 800 people there, but I could be wrong, more or less, but I think the crew at  did a great job.

Ando & Gohar October 31, 2009

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Ando and Gohar’s wedding. WOW, what a day,  I felt like I knew them for years, and I only know them just over a year, after we shot their engagement.  Just a Beautiful couple, very kind and just fun to be around with.  The wedding was held at the Verdugo Country Club, in Glendale, and the ceremony was at St. Peters Church in  Van Nuys. Hair and makeup was done by fame beauty salon, one of my favorite salons.  The photo session was in Downtown, LA which is a beautiful place for a photo shoot.  They were very open to any ideas that we had, so that made us comfortable during the photo shoot.  Here is a small sample from the shoot.  Enjoy. 


Jack & Nora October 30, 2009

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Jack and Nora’s wedding was a blast.  They were just very easy to work with and a fun couple over all.  The wedding ceremony was held at Saint Mary’s Church in Glendale, and the reception was at Glenoaks Anoush, one of my favorite banquet halls.   The flowers were beautiful as well as the cake.  The band was Alfred and Vahe, and a special performance by Sako.  This is just a small sample of the images that I got, enjoy.