Hi guys,  Im so sorry for delaying the updates on the blog.  Im just so busy at this point with album designs and appointments, that as soon as I get home, I just fall in bed.   Im going to be updating new stuff next week for sure on Monday, so please check back.  You can also follow us on www.Twitter.com/jayjaystudios  or www.Facebook.com/jayjaystudios I update those daily from my personal life to photography life :)  Thanks again for the great support from everyone at the www.harsanik.com bridal show, it was a blast.  I think there was over 800 people there, but I could be wrong, more or less, but I think the crew at www.harsanik.com  did a great job.

One Response to “Updates!!!!”

  1. Anna Garibyan Says:

    Thank you Jay for your great work, your patience and your prompt response to your clients’ questions. You’re truly a great artist when it comes to photography.

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