My son’s birthday, David Akopyan


I will let the pictures tell the story. Just a Few from November 1, 2009 at the Great Caesar Banquet Hall, he turned 1, The staff was great, the food, as always, amazing!  Images by my famous assistant, Mayis AKA Mike, he did a great job capturing the event.  He will take over when I retire. LOL  Enjoy!

 A few drinks, and this is what happens, Pooh gets abused.  :)


5 Responses to “My son’s birthday, David Akopyan”

  1. Jay your son is soooo cute. Your wife is beautiful as well. You should do a family photo shoot. I know a really good photographer . Cant wait to see your little girl.

  2. OMG, i love the Pooh picture, poor guy he was so scared probably.
    I am in LOVE with your son, he is so cute. Overall great pictures.

  3. What a cute little fellow!

  4. Hi hubby jan, thanks for posting the beautiful pics of David’s 1st bday! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful day like that! Thanks to all of you who commented on our son’s bday pics. Tarose bolorin :)

  5. Wow, i have never seen a party there- yoru son is so lucky. Your wife is gorgoeus too, wow your a lucky man and talented one too!

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