A Black & White Collection

I love doing black and white photography, it really gives you that moody look.   I love producing dramatic and exotic images, and I think black and white does just that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing colors, but black and white has that special feeling.  So here is a collection that I want to start to just post black and white images, just on this post, the others will stay the same. Im also building my studio from scratch now, which will give me the opportunity to shoot more studio shots, such as baby’s, family, modeling and etc.  The Main goal is to have that old Hollywood glamour look.  As soon as its done, I will post images that are shot in the studio.  Stay tuned.  

5 Responses to “A Black & White Collection”

  1. Jay your black & white collection is amazing. Your a great photographer and knows how to capture the right moments. I can’t wait for my wedding to come so I can see how my pictures will be. I have no doubt in you or your work. I’m glad my fiance did his research right ; )

  2. I love the pictures.
    In your black and white pictures you captured my sisters beauty, and in the colored pictures you captured her beautiful blue eyes. you are truly amazing.
    love your work

  3. thanks guys. this section will be updated every week or so. check back for recent collections.

    • MARY & ARTUR Says:

      jay j has great talant, he is an amazing photographer, and knows how to the greatest service to his clients…. lovin the photos

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