Jay Jay In Europe

April 4, 2009 the wedding of Romel & Marlin.  It was an experience of a lifetime for me and my beautiful wife, since it was our first out of country wedding.  We had done out-of-state and all, but europe was our first.  The wedding was in Denmark, on Saturday, then we flew to Paris on Sunday with the bride and groom to have an all day photo shoot in every location you can think of.  Anywhere you stopped to take a photo, it was beautiful, the buildings, the people, the lighting,  just amazing. 

Click here to see a full resolution of the album  www.jayjaystudios.com/paris

I hate flying, so every time I look at this picture, my heart starts beating fastAbove is an old 15th century castle, which was family owned, which the family no longer exists.  If you don’t belive in ghosts, after you visit this place, you will…..   ;)This is a huge LV store, with its own museum on the topMy dream car, one of these days… :) So this was a short summary of our trip.  Hope you enjoyed.

One Response to “Jay Jay In Europe”

  1. Romel And Marlin Says:

    Thank you for coming all the way to Europe, We enjoy our albums everyday…. Miss you guys and by the way I took those beautiful pictures of you and Ani….lol

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