2010 Here We Go :)

So 2010 is here.  So far so good :)   I hope everyone has a blessed year.  It’s so interesting, when couples were booking last year, they were saying “its 2010, so far away”  and now, it’s here.  We have a a lot of new things coming up, so keep checking back.  Enjoy the new year.  :)

2 Responses to “2010 Here We Go :)”

  1. I was one of those brides. Now I cannot believe the wedding is only 4 months away.

  2. Tina and Narbeh Says:

    Hey Jay thanks for posting our pics we are so proud to be a representation of your great talent. We wish you only the best and great success in the new year and many more years to come. Thanks again for capturing the true beauty in every shot on our special day.

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