Anna & Gokor’s Engagement

First, I’d like to apologize to the couples that are waiting for their wedding images to be uploaded to the blog, belive me, I’m working on it.  I just finished this book, and the shoot was amazing.  Plans changed when we got there, as far as location, but I think it was meant to be.  I loved working with  Anna & Gokor, very fun and down to earth couple. :)   They will be getting engaged this Saturday, March 6, 2010, and I can’t wait to shoot their engagement.  Enjoy! 

3 Responses to “Anna & Gokor’s Engagement”

  1. This day was unforgetable and so are the pictures.. We enjoyed every moment. I love the sequence !! You have an amazing eye and talent..your dedication shows in your work. We thank you so much !!

  2. Grigor Lusavorich Says:

    What’s up Jay Jay i love the pictures… they look crazy…thanks alot… Anna was very happy. Shat shenorakal enk…But Next time we gotta get you something more than just a shake… Well definitely work together again.!

  3. teresa vigil Says:

    these are simply amazing they are so fortunate to have you shoot them, so creative its crazy! Love them all.

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