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  1. After looking at a number of pictures that you’ve posted, I can’t help but wonder… Besides the obvious beauty of your work—colors, atmosphere, in-the-moment shots, and new and unthinkable angles—I think your photos are also extremely pleasing to the female eye because the persons photographed look like they are playing a part. This is probably what I enjoy the most. Your pictures ask the viewer to believe in the notion that there’s a story behind it; I think people recognize this subconsciously though. Someone might ask, “what do you like so much about Jay Jay’s photography?” The typical response might point to something related to the aesthetics of your images. But to a certain degree, every girl (if not most girls) out there wishes to be “that” girl in your pictures. In short, your talent makes this possible.

    I like to call your pictures “magazine pictures.” Once the photos are taken, the girl can stand back and look at her picture not just as a picture of herself but also as a picture of what she sees. That is, she makes herself the object of an art. Almost immediately she draws attention to the scenario of the photo. It’s less and less about her and more about the situation and her surroundings (Course when they have their pictures long enough, that’s when they start scrutinizing the hair, makeup, clothes…). ☺ But I definitely think that’s the essence of the success embedded in your work.

    Last but not least, you capture the ‘Kodak moments,’ the sometimes scandalous, often playful, and more common, Romantic side of relationships. It’s those weird things people do (like run across a busy road holding hands), those flirtatious things people do (like lean against the billiard table distracting the man from his game), those bittersweet things people do (like ruining your wedding dress in the pouring rain), and those serious things people do (like getting married!) that define life. And I sincerely believe, with your images, you redefine one of the many meanings of life–it’s about love. Love for nature, people, and memories; and you obviously have a love for what you do.

    I can’t help but reiterate something I’m sure you’ve heard many times before… You are very talented!

  2. thank you so much, means the world. :)

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