Fame’s Fashion Photo Shoot.

Finally it’s done!!!  We have been planning for this photo shoot for about 4 months now and it’s done.  This is a small sample set that we shot on Monday.  It was an all day shoot so we were all tired by the time we got home.  My head looked like a tomato from the sunburn.  lol.  The models were amazing, you guys did great.  Hair and makeup by Seda and Karolin, which was amazing You can check their website out www.famesbeauty.com  Special thanks to my 3 assistants, Mayis, Armond, Martik  for your excellent work, and my brother Edgar for capturing the whole thing on video, wich will be uploaded as soon as its edited.  It was an amazing day, an amazing  photo shoot.  We have already started planning for the next upcoming shoot, and already I’m excited and coming up with Ideas. Enjoy and makesure you check out the behind the scenes after this post. Thanks for stopping by.  

2 Responses to “Fame’s Fashion Photo Shoot.”

  1. DAMN~ these are insane! kinda a little lolita style with some bardot in the mix. I ‘d submit my work to maxim if i were you.

  2. thanks teresa :) thats in the plans. we will see.

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