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Stay Tuned!

Posted in Commericial and High Fashion, Jay Jay Productions on April 20, 2010 by jayjaystudios

Wedding season has started and we have been working non stop every weekend.  We have lots of  new beautiful weddings coming up, I promise I will upload them as soon as I catch my breath.  I was at Vegas a week ago shooting a small chapel wedding, which was very interesting.  I will be posting images soon.  So stay tune for some exciting new updates.  This is a small pice that I did at Vegas, just thought to share.  Enjoy. 

Cyrus & Melineh’s Wedding, February 20, 2010

Posted in Jay Jay Productions, Wedding on April 11, 2010 by jayjaystudios

Cyrus & Melineh’s wedding was one of a kind.  The location, the ceremony, the reception, overall, everything.  I had great pleasure working with Cyrus and Melineh.  The families were so kind to us that I felt like I was shooting a relative’s wedding.  Melineh had booked me a little over a year ago and we had been in communication about the wedding 6 months prior to the date.  She was very, very, very organized and wanted to make sure everything would go perfect.  The worst fear was the rain, which was predicted on the wedding day.  The wedding was perfect, no rain, beautiful weather, and an amazing couple to work with. The singer Aris and Dj Switch did an outstanding job, that people were complaining about foot pains.  Thank you so much guys for giving me the opportunity to capture your amazing day. May God bless you guys with the same joy you had on your wedding day all of your lives. I have attached a comment that Melineh wrote about us on   Thank you and enjoy.  

Unparalleled & Phenomenal Photographer!!!!, Friday, 26 March 2010
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Jay Jay, we cannot put into words the emotions you have made us feel watching our wedding pictures!! From the moment you created our engagement photo book to the very last image you captured on our wedding night, it has been an HONOR trusting you to capture the most important and treasured moments of our wedding. You are simply a GENIUS with the lens!! You made time stand still with our wedding!!! These pictures are fit for a vogue magazine! Your UNIQUE and UNPARALLELED work is PHENOMENAL! It’s a fusion of CLASSIC ELEGANCE meets CONTEMPORARY STYLE. Each picture exudes sweetness flirting with passion, drama, & romance…exactly what a bride and groom want to capture in their wedding pictures forever. We are so honored and humbled to have worked with you! We have never seen so many wedding vendors interested in featuring a wedding couple’s pictures on their websites as much as ours, thanks to you! You truly create art with your camera. ALL our guests are still in awe of your work AND our families fell in love with you and your crew!! You guys are first class! A million thank you’s from us and we cannot wait to see the album and video…we will definitely be reliving the most perfect wedding of our lives, captured by the most perfect photographer in our lifetime!
To all the brides & grooms to be…this is a SLAM DUNK decision! Look no further than Jay Jay as your photographer!!

Yervand & Zhanna, Valentine’s Day.

Posted in Jay Jay Productions, Wedding on April 6, 2010 by jayjaystudios

Yervand and Zhanna’s wedding was awesome.  When we first met, all Yervand kept saying was, I want the best, noting else matters, I want the best.  I knew exactly what they were looking for.  We had a great time during their pre-wedding shoot, which was in downtown.  At the wedding, I felt so close to them, that I did not feel like I was at work, it felt like I was a guest with a big camera.  The wedding was at Palladio in Glendale, which turned out beautiful.  The amazing flowers were done by Dante flowers. May God bless you guys with joy and happiness.  Thank you for trusting us.  Enjoy and come back soon. 

Wedding season is here!

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So it’s been about a month that the churches were closed until Easter, and today they opened.  What  does that mean?  Weddings are back!  I had been busy with other photo shoots this whole month, but weddings are different.  There is something about being in wedding celebrations every weekend that I can’t imagine living without. LOL.  Lots of new ideas have been itching my brain and I can’t wait to put them into images.  We are going to take it up a notch. Afterall, this is NOT your BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY.