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Elvis & Arpine’s Wedding!

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3:30AM….. My only time that I have to work on the blog.  So, here it is.  Elvis & Arpine’s Wedding.  What can I say, it was one amazing wedding.  I was not available for their engagement, so I knew I had to do something to make it up.  You guys were awesome.  Thank you so much for having us celebrate you special day with you. May God bless you guys with love and happiness.  This is just a small set that I got a chance this weekend to work on, thanks to my new laptop  :)  We had  3 amazing wedding’s this weekend and I want to congratulate you all.  Andy and Nvart, you guys were a total pleasure to work with, Elvis and Arpine (images below) and Yeso and Armine, wich was another wonderful wedding AND THE FIRST WEDDING TO BE HELD AT THE NEW CHURCH IN BURBANK. :)   I’m really, really sorry if you don’t see your wedding pictures on the blog, I only get a chance to work on 1 wedding a week, but I promise I will try to maximize that.  Enjoy and come back soon for more stunning weddings.

Alex & Gayane’s Wedding

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It’s 4 am and I am updating my blog.  I will keep the words short since I am shooting tomorrow, well, today.  I had a blast at this wedding.  We laughed sooo much that it was getting serious.  LOL.  Everything was amazing.  As always, I get the best bridal parties.  :)   Thank you so much guys for an awesome day.  I loved being part of it and would not trade it for anything else.  I had a lot of fun at the beach as well.  You guys make a great couple and I wish the best for you guys.  Hopefully one day I will come and shoot your 50th anniversary, if im still shooting  :)   Here is few images to show what was happening today.  I’m going to try to upload at least one wedding a week because of time, but as I promised, I’m going to keep updating.  Enjoy and come back soon!  

Some Behind The Scenes

Jack & Gayana’s Wedding

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Before I get into this blog post, I just want to take this opportunity and thank all our couples from this weekend.
Sevada & Narineh, Jack and Gayana, which you will see their wedding below, Danny and Francies and Murad & Jackie. 
Thank you so much for trusting us to capture your beautiful wedding’s.  May God bless you all with happiness and joy
all of your lives together. I only had time to post 2 wedding’s this weekend, but will do more next week. Thanks for stopping
Ok, back to Jack and Gayana’s wedding.  What can I say, it was amazing.  All the details that were put into this wedding
was amazing. From the flowers to the lighting.  The bridal party was very fun to be around, they treated us like family.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to create this lovely memories for you guys. This a small set from the wedding collection and a few from their engagement session.
  May God bless your heart’s. Have fun in Costa Rica and take lots of pictures.  Enjoy and come back for more amazing events next week.

Sevada & Narine’s Wedding June 11, 2010

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Just finished shooting Sevada & Narine’s wedding at Glenoaks Anoush.  It was a very pleasant day for us.  The day started out very relaxed at Bella Nella salon, then continued to the brides house then to downtown for a photo session.  The bridal party was great, very easy to work with. Just wanted to share a few images from this beautiful day.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do, and to be part of your special day.  I will let the images do most of the talking.  Enjoy and come back soon for more events.  I’m just getting back into the blog world so hang in there for more amazing weddings. 

A Favorite place on GOOGLE

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It was very exciting to open the mail today and find out that we are a favorite place on   You can read more about it in the letter below. 

New Wedding’s Coming Up.

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So as you all know, I have been extremely busy with work and family that I don’t get a lot of time to work on my blog.  I have so many wedding’s that I want to share with you guys, that I get excited just thinking about it.  I have put some stuff together and will be updating next week, I promise  :)   So stay tuned and enjoy! 

Just an Image that I wanted to share with you guys.  More Coming Soon!