Arbi & Lilit’s Wedding

I started out our weekend with a very calm and relaxed wedding.  Arbi & Lilit  decided that they wanted to do something a little different then the traditional Armenian wedding, which the turnout was great.  Everything  went very smooth. They had a very beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Arboretum in Arcadia, and the reception was held at Ojakh Anoush and  with some great wine and cheese selection. I had a lot of fun.  I was also invited to the reception, so I did not shoot that portion. Hamlet Productions, a friend of Arbi was the one shooting the reception, so I’m still waiting for the pictures.. Thank you for having us.  May God bless you guys with health and happiness, and the rest will follow.   This is a small set that I wanted to share with everyone. 

(As for the Knock-Off  “Photographer(s)” do your thing…LOL)  

4 Responses to “Arbi & Lilit’s Wedding”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Wow the bride looks gorgeous. Can you ask who did her hair and make-up? ;)

  2. Jay thank you so much we new we were in good hands, Arby and I not only had a great time with you but we can not stop looking at these photos. You are truly an artist!!! And having you and Ani at our reception made it even more special. Can’t wait to thank you in person.

    Katrina the BN artists at Bella Nella did my hair and makeup, they were really sweet and did a trial a month before the wedding so I new what to expect. I highly recommend them :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Lilit, I also love your hair and make-up! Do you know the name of the specific artist at BN who did your hair and make up?

    Thanks and congrats on your marriage :)


  4. […] another wedding story beautifully told by the eyes of an experienced photographer. Take a look at Arbi & Lilit’s Wedding. Lilit’s hair inspiration was from the music princess Taylor Swift dry waves. I loved the style […]

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