Armen & Anna’s Wedding

It seems like it was yesterday when Anna emailed me from Armenia inquiring about my photography.  I was flattered that she had found my website in Armenia and told Armen, who lives in Pasadena about me.  Anyways, today was the beautiful day.  We had been going back and forth about the date, since all the dates that they had, I was booked, so we ended up on August 7, 2010, which was the only Saturday I had open about 7 months ago.  Everything worked out perfectly.  Every detail was beautiful and the bride looked like a fairytale princess.  God bless you guys and thank you for working around my schedule.  As I promised, I will be up untill 4:00 Am to post this on my blog, since I did not update last week due to a small vacation.  Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Armen & Anna’s Wedding”

  1. Armine Matsakyan Says:

    Dear Anna you look gorgeoussssssssss, fine pics, congratulationssss

  2. Anna Ghazaryan Says:

    This is the most impressive wedding album I have ever seen!!! Guys, be as much happy as you appear in the photos, and let your life be as beautiful as this album!!! Anulik jan, my warmes wishes to you and Armen! :)

  3. Anna & Armen Says:

    There aren’t enough words to show how happy and thankful we are for having Jay Jay and his team as our wedding photographers and videographers.

    Of course when we decided to have Jay Jay as our wedding photographer, we knew how talented he was and what a high quality work he did. And again he exceeded our expectations.
    It was so easy and pleasant to work with Jay Jay and his team.

    Thanks to Jay Jay we have the most beautiful pictures from our wedding that will last forever.

    Thank you again.

    You have a gift from Above.

    Love, Anna & Armen

  4. Sireli Armen yev Anna, Bakhtavor lineq, mi bardzi tseranak, tsleq tsaghkeq, bazmanaq.

    Amen inch shaaaaaaaaaaat sirun er.

    Sofya Kalantaryan

    Sona Nalghranyan

  5. Hello from Maine and Narek’s American mother.
    What beautiful photos. My best wishes and love to you both for your life together. Please come visit us and let our families continue to connect over the years.

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