Gevork & Lilit’s Wedding

I had an amazing day at Gevork and Lilit’s wedding, which was full of jokes and laughs.  I had a lot of fun shooting their Engagement session a few weeks before, and got to know them really well. The wedding was very spiritual and calm.  One thing that I really love about my work is, you become friends with the couple, then from there on its not about work, it’s about documenting their special day with  a touch that will forever stay in their minds. For some people this might be just another day, or just another wedding, but at the end of the day, it becomes history,  truly, it is an amazing day. A small set that I put together for you guys to Enjoy!.

12 Responses to “Gevork & Lilit’s Wedding”

  1. Wow! I’m speechless!!! Jay you are the most amazing photographer! The pictures look amazing. I can’t wait until I’m getting engaged and married so that you can be my photographer. I have never seen pictures like this before. You made everything come out so perfectly in the pictures. My beautiful cousin and her hubby loom great. You made all of lilos beautiful features come out in the pictures!!! I love every single picture. Ur amazing!

  2. Gevork and Lilit Says:

    Jay you are awesome! Thank you so so so much!We love the pictures. You are so talented and we were extremely happy that you were not booked. We knew you were great but working with you was a totally different experience. Wedding takes a lot of time eneregy and planning and yet in a matter of couple of hours it’s all gone but it takes one greatly talented photographer to capture it all. Also Special thanks to Mais for carrying my bouquet the whole time ;)

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Gokor and Armine Says:

    Jay you have done it once again! You have a GOD given talent. The pictures look beautiful. Your creative touch makes every wedding, engagment, and occasion memorable. I am so happy Lilit reccomended you as my photographer, I love my engagement pictures and I am looking
    forward to my wedding pictures as well. God bless you!

  4. Very nice and very classy shots.

  5. wow jay the pictures are amazing i lovee itt hopefully someday u will do the same for my wedding
    God Bless You !

  6. AMAZING! You did it once again jay! These pictures look amazing! God has blessed you with such a GREAT talent!

  7. Great pictures Jay!!! what a beautiful couple… As always your pictures look very cute. you are very talented you make every picture unique and I love that about the way you do your work!

  8. What a pretty bride, everything she did looks so good… gorgeous pictures jay…

  9. The beauty of your work is woven throughout each and every photo. You definitely made my brother’s wedding very special. May God continually bless you.

  10. Great pictures Jay! Fun day, awesome party, amazing pictures!!!

  11. Thank you Jay for capturing our children’s special day! The pictures are absolutely breathtaking and we will cherish this memories forever.
    Thank you

  12. WOW!!!! Speechless!!!!!

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