100,000 Visitors. Thank you!

My Blog has been up since last year October, and thanks to all of you, it just passed the 100,000 mark.  Thank you for all the great comments, emails and phone calls.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do.  God has answered all my prayers and without Him, I would not be where I’m today.  THANK YOU.

One Response to “100,000 Visitors. Thank you!”

  1. Cyrus & Melineh Says:

    Jay Jay, this is awesome news!! Your blog of this news today is testimony to how sincerely you take your work to heart and for that we thank YOU! Your uniqueness and genuine creativity shines through with each and every moment you capture with your lens, unlike any other photographer…your originality and quality of work set you above all others. Each picture exudes sweetness flirting with passion, drama, & romance…exactly what a bride and groom want to capture in their wedding pictures forever. This Friday will be our 6 mth wedding anniversary, and we feel so blessed and honored trusting you to have captured our most important and treasured moments of our beautiful wedding. You truly made time stand still with our wedding in February. We cannot put into words the emotions you continue to make us feel watching our wedding pictures!! We are so proud to be part of the Jay Jay Productions family! May God bless you and your family with much continued success!

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