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Stealing Images. (or at least TRYING) LOL

Posted in Jay Jay Productions on September 28, 2010 by jayjaystudios

Hi everyone,

I have not forgotten about the blog updates.  First, I want to thank everyone who have spotted stolen images from my blog, thank you for your emails and Facebook messages.  I’m aware of this and I’m glad everyone  has noticed this stupidity.  I won’t mention any names NOW.  Actions are being taken.  I’m going to start posting the emails that I get in the mean time.  If this photographer(s) think this if fine, and I’m sure they are reading this, consider this stealing from me.   I have worked very hard for many years, and have taken many hours away from my family to be where I’m today, and if they think they can just “TRY” to  snatch ideas from my blog, well………


Hi I just wanted to say that u are an amazing photographer and I check out ur blog every week and another thing is ur so amazing at what u do that no matter how much of ur work people steal ur work still some how differs I wouldn’t be worried I were u good luck :)
  Jay it is not a secret that you are the best! Your Work is amazing and no one will come close and it is very annoying that some people actually try to copy your work. We are very thankful for all that you do you really have paid a high price to be where you are today. Special thanks to your wife and kids.
You have our full support.

 You tell them jay! They try hard to copy you but the truth Is they still suck and you are still the BEST! God bless you

    Iitation is the highest form of flattery

You are amazing at what you do. By copying they can only go so far if they have nothing to offer and your work gets just better every time. I enjoy looking at you blog and i’m amazed of what you do. Keep up the good work.


Don’t worry…like I said before and will always say it..You know you’re the best, you’re original and whatever people say or do shouldn’t hurt you. Keep doing what you do best and to those who steal to make it in your line of business are just pathetic! We love your work!

Hayk & Hilda’s Wedding

Posted in Jay Jay Productions, Wedding on September 18, 2010 by jayjaystudios

I had the honor of working with Hayk and Hilda today.  I was pumped up to do something different, something glamorous, since I know that was the style Hilda was going for.   I love the way the makeup looked, which was done by Karoline D. from Bonjour Madam and hair by Karine. Very 40’s. Here is a small set from this beautiful day. 

Engagement Session’s

Posted in Beach Photography, Commericial and High Fashion, Engagement, Jay Jay Productions, Pre-Wedding, Wedding on September 8, 2010 by jayjaystudios

I’m working on putting up some new weddings, most likely this weekend. It has been an amazing season for us with some great weddings and they are a must to see.  In the mean time here are some engagement sessions that I did recently.  One thing about this sessions, it really helps me to get to know the couple before the wedding.  The comfort level is much higher after this shoots, which helps me to capture the true character and  emotions of my subjects.  I have lots of new events coming up, from fashion shoots to some amazing weddings, so stay tuned!  Enjoy.

Blog Updates!

Posted in Jay Jay Productions, Pre-Wedding, Wedding on September 4, 2010 by jayjaystudios

After many days of working non stop, I’m having no time to update the blog.  I am working on it I promise soon.  Stay tuned!