Edward and Emineh’s amazing wedding.

Thank you all for being so patient with my blog updates.   For this blog update, I decided to put up a poll on Facebook to see whose name’s would come up the most for the next featured wedding on the blog.  After many many votes on Facebook, Edward and Emineh’s wedding came up the most.   I could not keep up with adding friends on Facebook so they can vote.   It was truly a pleasure to work  with Edward and Emineh.  She loved being in front of the camera, as you can tell from the images.  Thanks a million for having us on your amazing day.  I apologize for taking a while to put this up, as most of you know, my schedule is not the most flexible.  I did make it up with more pictures then usual.  Thank you all, come back soon for more amazing events, and don’t forget to sign up on the right hand side with your email to get information when the blog gets updated.

4 Responses to “Edward and Emineh’s amazing wedding.”

  1. Emineh Eisaghalian Says:

    You are One of a kind Jay! Thanks for making our memories as beautiful as we can remember! You did a magnificent job :)

  2. I love these photographs. They’re beautiful

  3. Amazing photos. Creative and surprising. Nice locations along with beautiful people. Photographers around the world,- LEARN

  4. Lina Khachekian Says:

    Hi Jay, Very nice blog. All the pictures came out wonderful. I am so glad that couples actually have the opportunity to work with you! You are amazing at what you do!

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